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Our cows are special and wholly unique to our brand, bred from three very special America Wagyu Association registered bloodlines.  

We started in fourteen years ago with Sanjiro and Fukutsuru 068 bulls, both known for their superior marbling and rich, buttery flavor profiles, or what we’d call the rock stars of wagyu.

The bulls were then bred with Sanjiro bloodline 7/8 heifers, dashing in a small hint of Angus, to round out the American profile.

In 2007, an additional bull was added, known as Takazakura and has the famous Yasufuku 930 FB576 pedigree.

IN 2008, Ms. Kitaguni was brought to the farm to help make it all happen.

The next decade was spent breeding the various mixtures of cattle until we came up with the Wandering Plains formula.

Complimenting the select breeding, a custom and “super secret” constant feed schedule is employed, ranging from grass feed to soy protein, with no antibiotics or steroids used during development.


Once fully grown and processed, the meat is then dry aged 23 days, which we believe is the optimum level of aging that provides the best flavor reward.

Our farm is very small, only producing anywhere from 4 to 15 cattle per quarter year, adding to the rarity of Wandering Plains Wagyu.

We plan to the keep the farm small, rather than cave to urge to over-produce, in order to maintain the highest quality possible.

When you buy Wandering Plains Wagyu beef you can be absolutely sure you’re eating a cut of meat that was created with nothing less than the utmost passion for what ends up on the plate.


Lisa - Washington D.C.


"Absolutely gorgeous cuts of meat!"

Sebastian - Ohio


"Wow, this is really, really, really good!"

Matthew - Los Angeles


"So I good I had to call people on the phone while I was eating it just to tell them about it!"

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